Our philosophy

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Play & Learn Preschool’s Philosophy

We have served children and families in the surrounding Bedford community for over 25 years, by providing a play-based curriculum nationally known for its rigorously researched model.

Play & Learn Preschool believes teaching through play, hands on exploration and discovery are the best way to help children succeed. Our program encourages, supports every type of learner, and addresses all the important areas of learning aligned with the State of Michigan Early Learning Standards.


Play & Learn Preschool welcomes families from varying cultural, ethnic, linguistic, family structures, ability levels, and special needs. Outstanding support from our staff collaborates with families to develop individually appropriate goals for children within the context of the classroom.


Play & Learn Preschool participates in Michigan’s Great Start to Quality tiered rating system: Ratings reflect program quality in these five key areas:

¬Staff qualifications and professional development

¬Family and community partnerships

¬Administration and management

¬Learning Environment

¬Curriculum and Instruction

Our researched based CREATIVE CURRICULUM is designed so children learn by doing. Our experienced, degreed, and trained teachers help each child one step at a time to become excited, enthusiastic learners. We are teaching children how to learn, not just in preschool, but all through their lives.


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