Doors to Service

Doors to Service Ministry Team

An important part of the faith journey is to find your place to serve our Lord, not only to get closer to Him, but also to be the hands and feet of the Holy Trinity as they meet the needs of their people. There is a sense of purpose knowing you are Helping God the Father bring comfort and care to His people … or helping to further the example of Jesus, our brother, in how we live our lives and learn from The Word … or in furthering the work of the Holy Spirit as She moves in and out and around us, guiding us and others as we travel on this journey.

As the Doors to Service Committee of St. Luke’s, we are tasked with helping with the work of our church. We are here to help fill the needs of all the other committees with volunteers for the work of St. Luke’s Church within our congregation and the Bedford Community, for events and for any other ongoing needs. We want to do this faithfully, not over tasking any one person and to help people find meaningful and purposeful fellowship at St. Luke’s. Finding your place to serve can ensure that you get to know us and that we get to know you. So, we are enclosing a copy of St. Luke’s Time and Talent Survey for each member of your family. We hope that you will take a few minutes to complete this survey. It is our tool to helping to ensure you find a place here that is comfortable for you and within your skills and talents or interests.

2022 Time & Talents Form