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The Church of NOW

Here at St. Luke's we don't think our children are the church of the future. They are the church right now and they have valuable gifts that they bring to our life together.

We believe that children have a place in the church wherever they are feeling called. One of our kindergarten students loves helping serve communion. A seventh grader plays saxophone with our praise band. A lot of our middle school and high school students love helping out in the balcony running our tech. While others enjoy greeting worshippers as they arrive. No matter what they enjoy we have a place for them to serve.

We also believe that kids belong in worship and their voice is missed when they are absent. For children, being able to see helps them participate. And God put the wiggle and the giggle in our little ones! We don't want our littles to be shushed, we want to celebrate and worship with them! It's no fun being in worship and only being able to see the head of the person in front of you. Therefore, we put in a "pray-ground" in the front of our sanctuary. There are things like coloring, soft toys, puzzles, chairs and soft mats for the kids to engage their wiggles while being able to see what is happening in worship so they can be connected.

However, if your family feels more comfortable, we also have a nursery available for the kids to get their energy out or for diapers to get changed.

Our Sunday morning Christian education opportunity is called "Kids Bible Adventure." For our middle school students we have a confirmation program where they can learn more about their faith. For our junior and senior high school students we have "BElong." This group takes a different form with each group that comes through. If we are asking our youth to commit to participating in our group that it should be something that they are engaged in and enjoy.

We also offer "stepping stones ministries." This is a special time for students from grades pre-k through 6th grade that lets them focus on one area of their faith. Each grade gets one activity during the school year.

However young you are we are saving a seat for you!

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